Monopolar EMG Needles (MEMG)
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Patient bleeding and patient pain matter! We have worked very hard to create a conical tip with the right combination of sharpness and surface finish to minimize pain and bleeding. In many different media, our puncture tests reveal that we offer the sharpest monopolar needle on the market. But we promise to keep working to understand the variables involved and keep making our needles sharper! And please try the grip on our comfort hubs. We worked hard to make them very tactile to hold. We eagerly await your feedback.

Key Features:

  • Comfort Hubs with Highly Tactile Grip
  • Ultra Sharp Conical Tip for Minimal Pain/Minimal Bleeding
  • Recording Surface Area: 0.3 mm2 (28 gauge), 0.25 mm2 (26 gauge)
  • Use with Reusable 76 cm cable
  • 5 Length Options:

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