Signal Gear, LLC designs and sells neurodiagnostic accessories. But the company is more than that.

We devote every moment possible to:

  • Listening to neurodiagnostic clinicians and learning from them.
  • Examining what happens electromagnetically, electrochemically, and mechanically when patient attachments touch tissue.
  • Studying the scientific literature.
  • Attending engineering, materials and technology conferences.
  • Improving our electrical and mechanical labs, not by spending more money than larger companies, but by using creativity, and often ebay! We are confident our labs rival those of much, much larger companies.

And the important part is that we enjoy every moment of it! What fun.

Meet the Signal Gear, LLC Team

The Collaboration is a pooling of infrastructure:  
Research     •     Prototyping     •     Design     •     Manufacturing

Spes Medica is an Italian neurodiagnostic accessory company founded by a dear friend Francesco Lisi who left us too soon in 2011.  Francesco was like a father to Matteo Mistretta, who stepped up to drive Spes forward.  Spes has a deep infrastructure of manufacturing.  Matteo and Brett share not only a passion for creating products, but a desire to understand all there is to know about the technical aspects of physiologic recordings.  All Collaboration products are manufactured by Spes and designed jointly by Spes and Signal Gear, LLC.

Whether you purchase The Collaboration products from Spes Medica in Europe or from Signal Gear, LLC in the US, we promise we have worked tirelessly to ensure they are the best products you can find anywhere in the world.

Meet the Collaboration